Delete Forever

Yom Kippur enables us to wipe out our soul spam.

Your Three Voices

How to live an inspired life.

The Last Moments

Will you consider this year a great success or failure? A lot depends on the next few weeks.


Nobody's perfect. God understands that. Let's try to understand that too.

Time for Change

The American elections and Rosh Hashana.

The Way of the World: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:21

The road to fulfillment has no beginning and no end.

Positive Psychology and Judaism

What the most popular Harvard professor has to say about your happiness.

Speak Nicely

Audi Weitz has a few things she wants to tell the world.

Applying "The Last Lecture"

If you had one last lecture to give before you died, what would it be?

The Goldilocks Syndrome: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:20

In our pursuit of happiness, all we desire is not for the taking.

Miracle Fruit

A panacea for bitterness? There's more to learn from the miracle fruit than how to enjoy your tequila.

How to Deal with Nonsense Criticism

Don't get angry. Why let someone else dictate how you feel?

Hypermiling Your Life

How to maximize mileage for the most important journey you'll ever take.

To Foresee the Future: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:19

The greatest mystery of creation is as simple as a little girl's laughter.

Which Road Not Taken?

Robert Frost and the forces of habit.

Who's the Boss?

Nearly all anger is rooted in the thought that "I can control the situation."

Where Am I Going?

Why am I so reluctant to plan for my future?


Living on the edge.

The American Dream?

How to acquire true wealth.

Amazon Choices

What teaches us about free will and spiritual growth.

The "I Can" Campaign

Transforming one "I Can't", into an "I can."

Judaism and the 12-Step Program

Foundations for attaining life-long recovery.

Rising Above Our Nature, Part Two

When we accept responsibility for our lives, then nothing can stop us.

The Connoisseur

This Passover, access that mysterious joy we all yearn for.

The Beverly Hills' Lemonade Stand

How our children took responsibility for the welfare of someone halfway around the world.

Spitzer & the Power of Temptation

No one -- not even the righteous -- is free from temptation.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:17

Simple rules for the security of our most valuable possessions.

Super-Sizing Me

How I lost 110 pounds -- one day at a time.

Nothing is Rotten in the State of Denmark

Why is Denmark the happiest place in the world?

Friends for Life

A Jewish perspective on friendship.

If You Could be Superman

Which superpower would you chose?

The Life-Transforming Diet

Health and nutritional principles of Maimonides.

The High and the Mighty: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:16

Our perceptions of others may teach us more about ourselves.

Message in the Sky

When the unthinkable happens.

The Prosecutor

They're wrong, but are you right?

Healing Rabbi Weinberg

Rabbi Noah Weinberg was recently diagnosed with a serious illness. Each of us can do something to help.

The Good Bed

How one thank you transformed a bitter man's life.

Why Do We Smile?

Share yourself and your wisdom with the world. Smile.

Cry Baby

Our hope turned to despair as we wondered when and if we would be blessed with a child.

I Need a Hero

In search of a Jewish hero.

Unsung Heroes

This Thanksgiving, open your eyes.

Cheerfully Unhappy

Keeping things in perspective allows you to "enjoy" life's little annoyances.

Emotional Seatbelts

On the road of life, don't become a crash test dummy.

War Games

Life is best played with a strategy.

Grateful Survivor

A near death experience can heighten our appreciation of the gift of life.

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