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The 6 High Performance Habits that Make People Extraordinary

The 6 High Performance Habits that Make People Extraordinary

All successful people share six common, consistent habits regardless of their area of expertise. Everyone can emulate them.


When we look at highly successful people, we often fall into the trap of thinking that they possess superior talent, intelligence or resources that we don’t have access to. After a decade of researching and interviewing high performers, Brendon Burchard discovered that all successful people share six common, consistent habits regardless of their area of expertise; it is these habits that ultimately differentiate them from others. In his new book, High Performance Habits, Burchard describes the following habits that all of us can emulate to help us reach the next stage of growth in our lives.

  1. Seek clarity. We need to figure out who we want to be, how we want to interact with others, what we want and what will bring us the most meaning in our lives. Every time we begin a new project we should ask ourselves: What kind of person do I want to be while I’m doing this? How should I treat others? What are my intentions and objectives? What can I focus on that will bring me a sense of connection and fulfillment? High performers continue asking themselves these questions every day; they develop a consistent routine of self-monitoring to make sure that their goals are always clear to them.

  2. Generate energy. In order to perform at a high level day after day we need to take care of our mental stamina (through frequent and intentional breaks), physical energy (through diet and exercise) and positive emotions (through controlling our thoughts). High performers know that they need to consciously generate energy so that they can maintain focus, effort and well-being. They know that they need to take care of themselves to stay on their A game.

  3. Raise necessity. We need to find and access the reasons why we absolutely must perform well. This necessity should be based on a mix of our internal standards (ie. our identities, beliefs, values and expectations for excellence) and external demands. (ie. social obligations, competition, public commitments, deadlines). We need to know our why and nurture the drive to transform our goals into absolute necessities.

  4. Increase productivity. We need to focus on prolific quality output in the area where we want to have the most impact. In order to do this, high performers minimize distractions and say no to opportunities that don’t help their quality output in their specific area of expertise.

  5. Develop influence. Success is rarely achieved in isolation; we need to develop influence with those around us. It’s crucial to have others around us that believe in and support our ambitions. High performers intentionally develop positive support networks because they know their achievements would be limited without the help of others.

  6. Demonstrate courage. We need to stand up for ourselves and others even when we are faced with fear, change, doubt and threat. High performers consistently express their ideas and take action every day. Ultimately, courage is not one bold action; it is a trait that we can choose to develop and use on a daily basis.

The Mishna teaches, “Anyone whose good deeds are greater than his wisdom, his wisdom will endure. And anyone whose wisdom is greater than his good deeds, his wisdom will not endure” (Ethics of the Fathers, 3:12). Ultimately it’s our actions and habits that help us move forward in our lives. Once we have the clarity about what is truly important in our lives, we can overcome impasses by implementing these six habits that other successful people have used to achieve their goals.

October 21, 2017

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Visitor Comments: 8

(5) Sharon, October 30, 2017 10:36 AM

highly successful people

If studies are done regarding "highly successful" people, I have to assume that the subjects of the study are selected based on very external criteria such as financial and fame. In my observation, the "successful" ones are people with high emotional intelligence together with high IQ's (and sometimes big egos), where the emotional factor is of greater impact. Both of these are innate and not a result of lifelong struggles. So the people who have to struggle with their emotional reactions and thought control are unlikely to be the subjects of such a study, but if they are persistent in their struggles, they can achieve some degree of though control and healthy interpersonal relationships. And their successes won't make headlines, but in Hashem's eyes they can be victorious, and that is all that matters.

(4) Bob Van Wagner, October 27, 2017 12:32 AM

Great advice well constructed. Near perfect!

If this was given to a couple about to marry it would be good, except for .... " It’s crucial to have others around us that believe in and support our ambitions. High performers intentionally develop positive support networks because they know their achievements would be limited without the help of others."

There's no higher performance requirement than a marriage, for that is the vehicle for life and many of the blessings thereof. Yet in a marriage it is a partnership of rebukers for the good. And any great partnership in business or for a cause must have that same aspect. All the other conditions the author, Mrs. Gutfreund addresses are also true. We each need our own legions of angels supporting our goodnesses in affirmations and huzzahs.

(3) Anonymous, October 25, 2017 10:38 AM

Excellent and insightful personal development advice, thank you for the wisdom you share so eloquently!

(2) Anonymous, October 24, 2017 6:36 PM

controlling one's thoughts is tough

With all due respect to the author, one can't simply control one's thoughts so that one is always feeling positive vibes. It simply can't be done. (Trust me. I know from personal experience). This is particularly true of folks with high IQs for whom over-analyzing and over-thinking are endemic. Sometimes the only way to control the flow of unpleasant thoughts is through drug therapy. And, as for high performance. . . for some reason, Americans are obsessed with success, peak performance, getting to the top, leading the field, being perennially successful, etc., etc., etc. Why else would the business media be flooded with study after study on the subject? Why else would the book shelves be groaning under the weight of endless titles of the seven, eight, nine, or 10 habits of highly successful people?

Laya, October 26, 2017 7:18 AM

Tough but doable

I also thought this was impossible but over time and with focus, one really can direct thoughts. If I had more time and space I could write about it (Well, I have but I learned it from others. I doubt Aish wants links in their comments.). There are ways to focus on what you want to focus on by closing out other thoughts. If you're working on something, you can compartmentalize what's not relevant, right? I'm guessing you already do it in some ways.

Also, you make an interesting point about success, but maybe you're assuming it means financially. It could also be in other areas of life: health, parenting, marriage, creativity. The question is: what's important to *you* and where would you want to apply these tools to lift yourself or others in your own life?

All the best!

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