Growing Up Sisters

Decades of hurt and strain finally give way to understanding and reconciliation.

The Odd Couple

I used to think that Jewish unity meant all of us being the same. Naphtali showed me otherwise.

My Five Weeks with Cancer

Everything I need, I have. Everything I have, I need.

Determined to Live

How the Jewish people came together to save a special woman.

The Few, The Proud, The...Jewish?

I had indispensable training in becoming an observant Jew: the U.S. Marines.

Reservation Detour

A dramatic route to self-discovery includes a detour at Indian reservations in South Dakota.

Organic Radiation

Fighting cancer with a combination of sprouts, prayer and traditional medicine.

Jewish Life on an Aircraft Carrier

A Southern Baptist, en route to conversion, talks about God and life in the U.S. Navy.


The doctors told me my grandmother was essentially dead. But she seemed too feisty to just disappear into a coma. My instincts told me: Talk to her!

Protection in Tahoe

A surrealistic car crash triggers an uncanny string of events.

Marked for Eternity

A true "Jewish" story from the Titanic's ill-fated voyage.

Serenity Lost and Found

Early morning in a birthing hospital, amid the joyous sound of a baby's first cry, my wife gave birth to silence.

My History, Validated

Something big had happened that I didn't want to know about. My history had shoved itself into my face, and I couldn't make it disappear.

Meeting God at Harvard

How did I get to be here at this exclusive WASPy garden party among the Kennedys and the Rockefellers? Then the answer hit me: by running away.

The Paperboy From Heaven

In the midst of the most sacred of my bachelor rituals – pizza and Monday Night Football – a knock on the door ended up changing my life.

Dear Mr. President

Sometimes great people do write back.

Not So Small Miracles

God is always communicating with us. Sometimes it takes a miracle for us to get the message.

Lights At The End Of The Tunnel

My personal struggles with infertility.

Victories of the Heart

A memoir of my mother's hardest battles.

Search and Recovery

A mother, whose son perished in the Twin Towers, searches for elusive "closure."

Football Victory: A Yom Kippur Story

Not all wins take place on the playing field.

9/11: One Year Later

How life has changed for one World Trade Center survivor.

My Thirst for Spirituality

My return to Judaism and the many detours along the way.

The Yo-Yo In the Window

When I was 20, I spent my junior year in college in France to run away from Judaism. But God had other plans for me.

Father Dear

A story about abandonment and the deep bonds of love.

Saying Goodbye to Ruchama Rivka: A Father's Eulogy

After a 12-year bout with leukemia, a teenager's parents say goodbye.

Keeping Kosher, Kicking and Screaming

A cosmic conspiracy to get one man to keep kosher.

The Perfect Storm

God sent a letter and used half the Mediterranean as stationery.

Growth Through Rules

From reductionism to Judaism: A convert describes his path to Jewish observance and spiritual fulfillment.

Arriving At Sinai

One woman's search for her life's compass.

Choosing Life

Despite doctors' dire warnings of a problematic pregnancy, a couple decides to go full term.

Smuggling Out Of Hell

Through ingenuity and chutzpah, one man saved lives in the Holocaust. His daughter tells how.

The Terrorist and the Builder

How to feel good amidst catastrophe.

Daredevil on the Bridge

Clarity sometimes comes when you least expect it.

For Myself, A New History

A recent convert to Judaism describes her spiritual odyssey.

In the Light of the Bereaved

Seth and Sherri Mandell's remarkable mission to Asia brought a profound message of peace and hope amidst the darkness.

Pulling the Plug

When our baby went into a coma, the moral dilemma began.

Taharah: A Personal Look at the Jewish Way of Death and Burial

The mysteries of life and death provide one woman an unusual gateway into the meaning and beauty of traditional Judaism.

Looking for God

God is intimately involved in all that happens in our lives. And if what happens is cancer, then not only does He know about it, He makes it happen.

Fooling Ourselves

One man's story of the self-deception and honesty that clashes inside all of us.

Out of the Closet

My mother, a Holocaust survivor, always said, "You can be a Jew on the inside, but not on the outside." It was just too risky.

Cancer's Surprising Gift

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, something odd happened. Her anger at God went away.

Lessons From Elana

An Aish UK rabbi, whose wife passed away some weeks ago, shares some profound lessons he has learned.

Heroes: A True Story

God becomes believable when life becomes unbelievable. *

Reality Knocks

Volunteering one hour to help others gave me a surprising insight about myself and the world.

The Day My Brother Died

Ten years after her brother was killed in an auto accident, a young woman reflects back on what she learned.

The Power of Pickled Tomatoes

A great sage and leader of American Jewry teaches a lesson about small acts of caring.

Shai's Big Hit

There are special moments in life when we touch God's perfection. Here's one of them.

When Walls Speak

A recent convert to Judaism discovers that spirituality is embedded not only in souls, but also in the bricks of a wall.

Changing The World

By way of feminism, socialism and idealism, a small Jewish spark turns into a passionate flame.

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