Museum Dedication Opportunities

The Dedication

The dedication of the Western Wall Explorium, expected to be one of Israel’s most visible and important new destination points, is available for $18 million.

The name of the sponsor will be prominently attached to the Museum with all literature, and will be recognized on the sign on the front of the building facing the Western Wall.

All donations will be prominently recognized in beautiful plaques throughout the Museum. Donations of $72,000 and above will be recognized at the site of the dedication, as well as on a Major Sponsors Wall plaque board, and on all literature referring to that section of the Museum.


Western Wall Entrance Plaza $5,000,000
Saga of Jewish History (3rd floor) $3,600,000
Western Wall Plaza Floor $3,600,000
Kirk Douglas Theater $2,000,000 Dedicated
Julis Explorium Floor (2nd floor) $1,800,000 Dedicated
History Climax Feature Film $1,200,000 Dedicated
Hochstein Visitor Refreshment & Information Area $1,000,000 Dedicated
Israel Today Wall $1,000,000
Adaptation to Other Languages (Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, French) $750,000 each
Reflection Zone Prayer Room $1,000,000
130 Generations Exhibit Elevator $1,000,000
Western Wall Area Reception Desk $720,000
Ancient Aqueduct Restoration $540,000
Lobby Reception/Ticket Booth – Western Wall Level $540,000
Lobby Reception/Ticket Booth – Lobby $540,000
Hall of Avraham and Sinai $540,000
Dispersion Glass Bridge of the Exile $540,000
Rooftop Temple Model $360,000 Dedicated
Hall of Blood and Tears $360,000
Hall of Enlightenment $360,000
Hall of Israel $360,000
Hall of Torah/Jewish Heritage $360,000
Kirk Douglas Theater Audio-Visual System $360,000
Snakes and Ladders – Moral Dilemmas Game $360,000
“Why the Jews?” Exhibit $360,000
“World Perfect” Exhibit $360,000
“Conversations in Time” Exhibit $360,000
“Instructions for Living” Game Show $360,000

AishCafe Coffee Shop $250,000
Light Table of Archeology $250,000
Personal Exploration Booth Zone $250,000
Museum Shop $250,000
Aish Info Wall $180,000
Audio-Visual and Multimedia Technology $180,000
Audio-Visual Control Room $180,000
Blueprint of Torah Wall $180,000
Coffee Table Souvenir Book $180,000
Computer Technology $180,000
Filmography $180,000
Group Workshop Facility Room A $180,000
Group Workshop Facility Room B $180,000
3,800 Years of History Overview Lobby $180,000 Dedicated
Baby Care and Restrooms $180,000
Upgrades and Improvements Fund $180,000 and up
Window Onto Our History (Western Wall View) $180,000
Rooftop Telescopes into History $180,000
Museum Promotional Presentation Wall $108,000
Timeline Review Pathway $108,000
Rooftop Camera Installation $108,000
Museum Entrance Doors $108,000
DVD Visitors Review (to be sold at modest charge) $108,000
Visitors Review Brochure (given free to all visitors) $108,000
Museum Map and Jewish History Timeline Souvenir Handout $108,000
“The Last Word” Wall $72,000
Arch of Titus Roman Frieze Reproduction and Animation $72,000
Jewish History Mosaic $72,000
Western Wall Reception Gift Shop $72,000
“Note in the Wall” Computer System $72,000
Signposts of World History $72,000
Coffee Shop Library $72,000
Kirk Douglas Theater Seating Board $54,000
Coffee Shop Computer Light Tables $25,000 each
Personal Exploration Booths $18,000 each
Kirk Douglas Theater Seats $1,000 each

Donors Wall Plaque Board

Founders: Founders $180,000
Founders: Benefactors $108,000
Founders: Friends $54,000
Endowment Fund Sponsors $54,000 and up
Chai Life Members $18,000
Museum Pioneers $10,000
Museum Sponsors $5,400
Museum Friends $1,800

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