Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

"Congratulations to Aish HaTorah and to its founder, Rabbi Noah Weinberg, for success in educating Jews about the power of their history and strength of their tradition."


  Steven Spielberg, Producer and Director

"Thank you Aish HaTorah for the good work you do, and the message you put out. I could have used you in my life about 25 years ago."


  Shimon Peres, President of Israel

"I want to acknowledge the Jerusalem Fellowships of Aish HaTorah for the outstanding job it does in bringing Jewish youth to Israel to learn about their history and heritage."


  Kirk Douglas, Actor

"I entered into a partnership with Aish HaTorah to educate all who come here of the meaning of this sacred site, [the Western Wall]. Together we can make a difference."


  Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize Laureate

"Aish HaTorah means to me the passion of Torah, the passion of teaching, the passion of learning. The study of the Torah, the source of Jewish values, is the way to Jewish survival."


  Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

"Aish HaTorah enables young Jews to visit their heritage, to become immersed in it, to understand the fount of inspiration that drives Jewish history, to become better Jews, prouder Jews and more secure Jews. I congratulate Aish HaTorah for what they're doing, where they're doing it, and for whom they're doing it."


  Len Leader, Former President of AOL Time Warner Investments

"Making a donation in support of the Aish Center in Jerusalem has given us great satisfaction. We are excited about helping Aish advance its mission of making Judaism relevant and actionable in everyday life for Jews throughout the world."


  Yitzhak Rabin, Former Prime Minister of Israel

Addressing Aish HaTorah students: “I know that your visit will strengthen and enhance your activities – not only as Americans, but as Jews.”


  Ehud Barak, Former Prime Minister of Israel

"Aish HaTorah helps us appreciate how tradition can enhance the present and serve as a guide for the future."


  Lady Margaret Thatcher, Former Prime Minister of England

"The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah has made tremendous strides in highlighting the key contributions of Jewish heritage to Western civilization. Keep up your excellent educational endeavors."


  Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel

“Aish HaTorah’s Hasbara Fellowships program provides the knowledge, the training and most importantly, the motivation to student leaders to defend Israel where she most needs it: on the campuses.”


   Leslie Dan, Founder of Novopharm Pharmaceuticals

"Aish HaTorah’s leadership and followers certainly indicate a solid stable organization which is bound to grow and expand."


  Michael Gorbachev, Former President of the CIS

"I praise the Jerusalem Fund for strengthening the values based on which the Jewish people and the Jewish state have revived in modern times."


  Robert Hormats, Under Secretary of State and Former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International

"Quality time is the value here. Spending quality time with a Torah scholar who not only know the Torah, but knows the how it relates to everyday concerns and issues. The interaction with these [Aish rabbis] is extremely enriching."


  Peter Hochfelder, Managing Member, Brahman Management L.L.C.

"You can't jam Judaism down somebody's throat and say, 'You're Jewish, you have to be like this.' Aish HaTorah doesn't do that. They say, "Here's what we know. Let us try and convey it to you in a meaningful way."


  Michael Minkes, Treasurer, Bear Stearns & Co.

"I sensed that Jewish morality, Jewish ethics, Judaism, was the right thing. That there was something there. I wanted to explore it and exploit it."


  Larry King, Television Personality

"Location, location, location! What better location could there be for an institution single-mindedly dedicated to reaching and teaching Jews their heritage? Recognizing Aish HaTorah's unique role, the government of Israel has transferred to Aish HaTorah the prime parcels of land opposite the Western Wall."


  Elliot Gould, Actor

"In relation to the teachings that Aish HaTorah is reflecting, I believe all of us have something to learn."


  Chaim Herzog, Former President of Israel

"Aish HaTorah has become a remarkably energetic and effective force for the transmission of the Jewish heritage."


  Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Former Senator from New York

"Aish HaTorah represents the voice of calm Torah reason in an all-too confused and polarized world. It has made historic contributions to Israeli society and world Jewry and it is my pleasure to identify with this splendid center of scholarship and communal involvement."

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