Codes Predicting the Future

I’ve read and heard a lot about the Bible Codes and while they appear impressive, I’m wondering about the logic of future events being predicted thousands of years ago?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

As you say, the Bible has existed in its present form for thousands of years. How could its author have known such details about people who would not be born for centuries? Logic would dictate that the author could not be human, could not be bound by the limits of time. It would then be natural to conclude that the Author is a Divine Being.

The Torah cannot predict the future, because the free will is always in our hands to create the future. Of course, once an event has already happened, however, God can reveal to us that. Being outside of time, God knew it all along.

This is a major philosophical dichotomy that Maimonides goes at great length to explain. For more on this topic, see:

In the end, only one conclusion can be made through these statistically verifiable codes: the information was deliberately placed there by the Author.

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