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I am trying to find out how many words there are in the Torah. Short of counting by hand, can you help?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

According to my concordance (Avraham Even Shoshan), here are the stats.

Book # Parshas # Chapters # Verses # Words # Letters
Genesis 12 50 1,534 20,512 78,064
Exodus 11 40 1,209 16,723 63,529
Leviticus 10 27 859 11,950 44,790
Numbers 10 36 1,288 16,368 63,530
Deuteronomy 11 34 955 14,294 54,892
TOTAL 54 187 5,845 79,847 304,805


Incidentally, Rabbi Even Shoshan wrote his concordance before the advent of computers! He wrote it by hand, and when there was a pogrom against the Jews, his work was destroyed. So he started from scratch and rewrote it.

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