Sun Stands Still for Joshua

The Bible describes how the Israelites attained a major victory when the sun miraculously stood still at Gibeon – rising but not setting for a whole day. How can we believe such a thing happened, without any outside corroboration?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

The answer to your question is that Torah has far more credibility than any historical document, which is frequently "revised" to reflect the agenda of the people writing it. So we can rely on the Jewish Bible, with no outside verification necessary.

However, for many people who have not sufficiently researched the Jewish basis for belief, that answer does not suffice. Therefore, we will mention that at the same time Joshua lived, circa 1400 BCE, according to Aztec lore in Mexico, the sun failed to rise for a whole day in the City of the Gods, Teotihuacan (north of Mexico City). Likewise, it failed to rise for 20 hours in the Andes, according to Inca legends.

Since an "endless day" and an "endless night" are the same phenomenon in opposite sides of the world, this would seem to confirm the biblical account of the sun standing still at Gibeon.

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