Who Made God?

A basic principle of physics is the law of conservation of matter. That has me wondering: If God created the world, then where did God come from?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

Maimonides deals with this question at length. He answers that God is beyond our comprehension, and it is absurd to apply our realm of experience to His. Therefore it is inappropriate to discuss God in terms of past, future or being created, etc.

To explain: Everything that is finite has to have been created, but God is infinite and therefore He did not have to be created.

Everything in the physical world had a beginning at some point in the past. If you cut down a tree we can see how old it is by counting rings. As a person ages, i.e. he is now 20 years old, that means he had to be one year old at some time.

Since everything in this world gets older, it means that everything was created at some point.

How was it created?

There are only two options: Either it made itself, or it was made by something else. Now, it couldn't make itself, because it did not yet exist. So it had to have been made by something else.

Eventually, one must arrive at the conclusion that the world and all it contains was started by something that was not time-bound and therefore did not have a beginning. Since it did not have a beginning, it was not “created.”

A being that exists beyond time doesn't come from anywhere. He has always existed. If something created God, God would have a beginning and be finite, not infinite. Beyond time means having no beginning and no end, eternal. It means there is nothing that exists before God. “Before” is a time-bound quality that applies only to finite entities. Therefore God is called the “First Cause" - or the Prime Mover - the dimension that has no other dimension preceding it.

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