Clothing on Yom Kippur

What color clothing should be worn on Yom Kippur? And Why?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

On Yom Kippur the custom is to wear at least something that is white. This is mindful of purity, since on Yom Kippur we spend the whole day in fasting and prayer - and are considered as pure and holy as the angels.

For this reason, married men often wear a "Kittel," which is a white robe of sorts.

Another reason for wearing white on Yom Kippur relates to the solemn nature of the day. The Jewish custom is to bury the dead in white shrouds. On Yom Kippur we want to remain cognizant of the ephemeral state of our lives so that we will have more motivation to repent. Wearing white helps facilitate that.

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