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I watched a TV movie called "The Rabbi," which was filmed in Israel. It portrays an Israeli man who converts to Christianity and attempts to convince his family that Jesus is the Jewish messiah.

Does this movie portray normative Judaism?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

It seems that you and thousands of others are victim of the deception of Morris Cerullo, a San Diego evangelist who made it his life mission to convert Jews to Christianity. Cerullo hired an advertising agency to place ads in some 80 Jewish newspapers – omitting any information that would link the one-hour "family drama" to its Christian missionary source.

Cerullo has a long history of such activities. In 1994, he allegedly obtained Israeli voter registration lists and mailed Hebrew copies of his missionary book, "Two Men From Eden," to some 500,000 homes throughout Israel. Then in 1996, he sent a mass mailing of an evangelistic booklet called "The Peace" to one million Israeli households. Cerullo also claims to have mailed 3.2 million copies of his book “Two Men from Eden” to almost every Jewish home in the United States.

To view documentation of Cerullo's 40-year crusade to missionize Jews, go to

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