Completion of Kaddish

My father passed away on June 14, which was 24 Sivan, but was not buried until the Sunday after, 27 Sivan. Until when should I recite the kaddish?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

Following the passing of a parent, Kaddish is recited for 11 months as a merit for his/her soul. Although the Talmud (Rosh Hashanah 17a) writes that for the most wicked, judgment in purgatory may extend as long as 12 months, we recite Kaddish for only 11 months so as not to imply our parent was evil (Rema 376:4).

The 11 months are counted from the date of the deceased’s burial rather than his passing (Bi’ur Halacha 132). In your case, Kaddish would end at the end of the day of 26 Iyar (May 6), after the Mincha prayers.

In general, if you need to check Hebrew dates, you can refer to the calendar.

Here is an interesting account of saying the Kaddish:

May your father’s soul be blessed.

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