Pedometer, Fitbit on Shabbat

My family has become very health-conscious lately and we all have our own Fitbits which we wear all the time. It has really helped us maintain our health. Is there any issue with wearing it on Shabbat?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

We may not wear such monitoring devices on Shabbat (unless a person has a life-threatening condition which requires constant surveillance). The reason is because the wearer is causing it to “work” on Shabbat by recording his motions. This is distinct from, say, the security cameras set up in many public places, since we are not interested in being filmed, but just in walking about regularly. Here, however, the wearer is interested in the readings. This is also different from a battery-operated watch and the like, which functions exactly the same throughout the day regardless of the person’s actions.

My wishes that in the merit of keeping Shabbat you and your family are blessed with good health for many years to come!

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