Western Wall

Dan Family of Canada - I enjoy watching photos of the Western Wall from your camera mounted atop Aish HaTorah's Dan Family Building. I'm just curious about what happens in the Dan building. I assume Dan is one of the 12 tribes (Jacob's sons)... More »
Notes in The Wall - I live in America and was wondering if you really put into the Western Wall all the e-mail letters you receive. I have a friend who is visiting Israel and would like her to see my message. If you could post my note it... More »
Temple Mount - I am not loving the fact that the view today from the Western Wall Camera includes the Dome of the Rock. How can I overcome the heartbreak every time I see our holy Temple Mount being occupied by... another religion? More »
Walkway to the Mount - From your Western Wall camera (http://www.aish.com/w/) I notice what appears to be a large covered walkway leading up the Temple Mount. Can you explain what that is? More »
Wall Camera on Shabbat - Right now it is not quite Shabbat in Los Angeles. I've have been visiting your Western Wall Camera site daily and find it very informative and "spiritually relaxing." I have actually copied one of the daily... More »
Water from the Rock? - I heard that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is leaking and that there is great significance to this event. Can you tell me more? More »

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