Bar-Bat Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah - Would you please tell me the true definition of bar mitzvah and the requirements, not just by custom, but necessity. My wife is questioning whether I was bar mitzvahed at a Reform synagogue. I did not read from the... More »
Bar Mitzvah Gift - My nephew is having his bar mitzvah and I am thinking of a gift. In the old days, the gift of choice was a fountain pen, then a Walkman, and today an iPod. But I want to get him something special.... What do you suggest? More »
Bar Mitzvah Jitters - My Bar Mitzvah is coming up and I’m freaking out. I know how to read my Haftorah, but I’m afraid I’ll freeze up and forget it all on the big day. It will really embarrass me and my family. What should... More »
Bar Mitzvah Speech - I have to speak at my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah in a few weeks. Can you give me some suggestions what I should talk about? More »
Bat Mitzvah - My Bat Mitzvah is coming up and I want to do something special. My brother’s Bar Mitzvah was a big event with magicians, jugglers and a replica of the Titanic. What do you suggest? Also, we need to set a date. My... More »
Early Bar Mitzvah - My son will be turning 13 God willing this winter in mid-December. Having spoken to several of our relatives, it will be much better for everyone if we would schedule his Bar Mitzvah for Thanksgiving weekend – about... More »
Grandpa's Bar Mitzvah - Many years ago, my grandfather turned 83 and decided to have a second Bar Mitzvah. This was held in conjunction with our oldest son's Bar Mitzvah. My grandfather said that when you turn 83, it is like 13, since Torah... More »
Missed Bar Mitzvah - I am an adult who unfortunately never had a Bar Mitzvah. I’ve been told that having one requires studying for a year and chanting in front of a congregation. But I’m embarrassed to say that this seems beyond me at the... More »

Due to limited resources, the Ask the Rabbi service is intended for Jews of little background with nowhere else to turn. People with questions in Jewish law should consult their local rabbi. For genealogy questions try Note also that this is not a homework service!

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