Brit Milah (Circumcision)

Circumcision Pain - Several weeks ago, I was present at synagogue for a Bris celebrated on Shabbat. Truth to tell, I'd never attended a Bris. The rabbi explained that the baby would start crying because "his diaper is being taken off... More »
Circumcision Suction - I was at a Bris Milah ceremony and the mohel used his mouth to draw blood from the infant's wound. Is this oral contact sanctioned by Jewish tradition? More »
Events for a Baby Boy - My wife and I are expecting our first child next month. Since we know it will be a boy, we are preparing to have a Bris. But we are wondering if there are other Jewish rituals we should know about. More »
Honors Extended at Bris Milah - Wow, I am reeling. My wife just gave birth to a baby boy. Bris next week! We want to invite all our family and friends, and distribute honors so they can participate. Do you have a list? More »
Is Adult Circumcision Necessary? - I am a Russian immigrant living in New York. I never had a circumcision, because back in those days the Soviets made it illegal. Now at age 40, I am wondering if it’s even necessary for me to have one. What does... More »
Why Bris? - Recently, I was at a website for expectant mothers when I happened upon a forum entitled "To circumcise or not." One Jewish woman posted a message asking for opinions on whether or not she should give a Bris... More »

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