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About Aish - A new Aish branch just opened in my city, and I went to Google to find out who you are. I landed on your Ask the Rabbi page, so here goes: Who is Aish? More »
Aish Essentials - My perception of yeshiva study is that it’s very academic. Right now I want to learn more about the basic philosophy and also the mystical side. Is there any program in Israel that offers this...? More »
Aish's Educational Philosophy - I’ve been reading for years. But the other day someone asked me to describe the principles behind Aish. I must confess that I didn’t know. So what’s the answer? More »
Dan Family of Canada - I enjoy watching photos of the Western Wall from your camera mounted atop Aish HaTorah's Dan Family Building. I'm just curious about what happens in the Dan building. I assume Dan is one of the 12 tribes (Jacob's sons)... More »
Is Aish HaTorah a Cult? - I read an article online by cult-buster who claims that Aish HaTorah is a cult. I've even heard the term "I've been Aish'd." All the people I've met through Aish seem normal and balanced. How can I be sure... More »
Is Aish Orthodox? - I enjoy reading and I am wondering what stream of Judaism do you subscribe to? More »
The Meaning of “Aish” - My name is Judy Aish. My sister and I are doing some research on our family background. I entered our last name – Aish – into a search engine and your website came up. I've never written to a rabbi before.... More »

Due to limited resources, the Ask the Rabbi service is intended for Jews of little background with nowhere else to turn. People with questions in Jewish law should consult their local rabbi. For genealogy questions try Note also that this is not a homework service!

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