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I know about many of the blessings recited for various events and daily occurrences, but in all my studies, I have yet to find mention of a blessing for marital intimacy. We have a blessing for using the bathroom, for washing hands, for hearing bad news, etc., but what about something so wonderful as what God has created between a husband and wife?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

This is an interesting question. Here are four answers, none of which are found in the classical rabbinic writings. So take your pick:

1) There are no blessings for mitzvahs between one person and another - e.g. giving charity, visiting the sick, etc. If the mitzvah of marital relations is to give pleasure to the partner, then it would fit into this category and have no blessing.

2) Under the chuppah, we make the blessing asking God to "gladden the beloved couple, as you gladdened [Adam and Eve] in the Garden of Eden." This description of Adam and Eve in Eden in utopia would include the physical pleasures of their marriage.

3) The blessing that we recite after going to the washroom may cover all bodily functions, including sex.

4) A blessing must be recited immediately prior to the action. For example, you hold the fruit in your hand, make the blessing, and eat it right away. Also a person's hands need to be washed, and certain parts of the body must be covered. Therefore it would highly inconvenient for a couple to recite a blessing before intercourse.

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