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I saw a video of Orthodox Jews cavorting in Iran with Iranian President (and Jew-hater) Ahmadinejad. Apparently these "rabbis" were there to attend a Holocaust denial conference. What gives?!

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

Most religious Jews, in Israel and the Diaspora, have worked out a modus vivendi with the non-religious government, and support Israel financially, as well.

The Neturei Karta, however, are a tiny minority of people who lived in Israel for generations before the inception of modern political Zionism. They and their supporters abroad believe that since the State is founded on principles of secular democracy, rather than the Torah, that it constitutes a negative development in Jewish history.

In many regards, the entire spectrum of the Torah community condemns these people for their despicable actions which work against the interests and security of other Jews. After these Jews met with Ahmadinejad, they were totally condemned and ostracized by the Torah-observant community. As reported in Ynet News (December 15, 2006), the Satmar Hassidism Court published an unprecedented statement calling on the public to disassociate themselves from the Neturei Karta members, and ordered that they be shunned and their actions condemned.

The following was published in the orthodox newspaper, "Yeted Neeman" (May 3, 2002): "It is with shame, sadness and outrage that we publicly condemn the irresponsible and dangerous actions of a small group of individuals" known as Neturei Karta. Due to their reprehensible actions in joining the enemies of our people, they endanger the interests of the Jewish nation. This despicable minuscule group does not accept or listen to the rulings of the leaders of our communities, and was ejected decades ago from our synagogues and communities.

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