PVC Sukkah

I am redesigning my old sukkah and wonder if it is okay to use PVC for the structure, specifically the uprights.

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

The walls of a sukkah may be made from any material, as explained in the Code of Jewish Law (O.C. 630:1). This includes using existing walls of a building, or even a hedge of bushes.

When building with PVC, be aware that it is more flexible than it looks, and could bend under the weight of the "sechach" (foliage covering the sukkah roof). One year I built a beautiful sukkah using PVC, and about two hours before the start of the holiday (with a group of guests expected) the entire structure began swaying back and forth - and then came crashing down. Needless to say I had a frantic next two hours scavenging for sturdier metal parts! So if building with PVC, I advise you to take precautions to make sure the PVC is properly reinforced, or attached to a building.

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