Saturday Night Seder

On certain years, the Passover Seder falls on Saturday night. That got me thinking: What do we do about bread for the Friday night Shabbat meal? On one hand is the custom of not eating matzah on the days before Passover. On the other hand, all of our leavened products have been removed from the house by then! So what do we do?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

When the day before Passover fall on Shabbat, we leave over just enough bread for the meals of Friday night and Saturday daytime (Code of Jewish Law OC 444:1). Since your house will already been cleaned of "chametz," the easiest solution may be to first eat the bread in one designated corner of the house, and then come back to the dining room to finish the meal.

Another solution for Shabbat: Some people eat "matzah ashira," commonly known as "egg matzah." Since we do not use this matzah to fulfill our obligation on Seder night, it does not infringe on the custom of not eating matzah on the day (or days) before Passover. On the other hand, since the egg matzah is not "chametz," it will not mess up your spotless Passover house!

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