Sleeping Facing the Door

Is it true that you’re not supposed to sleep with your feet towards the door of your bedroom? Or is this just a superstition?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

Such a custom is not brought in Jewish law. However, there are those who are careful not to do this. The basis for it is because in some cemeteries the custom is to bury the dead with their feet facing the entrance of the cemetery. This is done as an affirmation of the belief in the Resurrection of the Dead – that one day, the dead will rise from their graves. They are buried facing the entrance since they will one day rise up and leave.

As a result of this, there are those who have the custom not to sleep in the same manner, as it resembles the way the dead are buried.

(Sources: Pitchei Teshuvah 362:2, Chatam Sofer Y.D. 332.)

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