Wrong Sponge

I keep a strictly kosher kitchen. The other day a dairy sponge was accidentally used to wash meat dishes (porcelain). Is there anything I can do at this point?

The Aish Rabbi Replies:

I’m sorry for the mix-up. However, after the fact, there is nothing to worry about. This is because there are several mitigating factors which give reason to doubt that a transfer of taste actually occurred. Firstly, the sponge may not have contained actual milk particles (or recent absorption of milky taste). Second, the water used may not have been hot enough to transfer taste. And third, the detergent used was most likely bad-enough tasting to “ruin” the milk flavor before it entered the dishes. Thus, at this point you should just rewash the dishes well, and then they are fine.

(Sources: Igrot Moshe Y.D. II 28,29, III 10, Ateret Paz I 2 Y.D. 4.)

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