About the Author

Michael Gros

Rabbi Michoel Gros is the author of the recently-published book Homeward Bound: Inspiring Stories of Return, a collection of dramatic and uplifting stories of Jews returning to their roots and discovering hidden strengths (available in local bookstores through Feldheim Distribution or online at http://www.feldheim.com/homeward-bound.html).

Shabbat with Bruce Springsteen

An encounter with the music star taught Jimmy Baron a lesson he’d never forget.

A Gift of Life

Mr. Klein wanted to die. Suddenly he was given an unexpected new lease on life.

The Jewish Wrestler

Greg Herman has stepped back in the ring.

A Sukkah in Kuwait

Like the Jews in the desert, Capt. Jonathon Gross built a sukkah in the middle of nowhere.

The Jewish Doctor

The small acts of kindness that a doctor witnessed 40 years ago changed his life and the lives of his patients.

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