About the Author

Peter Himmelman

Peter Himmelman isn’t your run of the mill Grammy and Emmy nominated singer-songwriter. He’s also an erudite and entertaining communicator whose unique skill-sets have placed him squarely in the zeitgeist where creativity, spirituality, and a fearless sense of wonder have become essential for understanding our rapidly changing cultural landscape. Most recently Himmelman began, Big Muse, a highly regarded methodology for developing creative thinking and deeper levels of communication.

Waking Up Thirsty

For the first time in many years, you feel the sensation of being of alive. A songwriter's meditation.

Israel: Of This I Am Sure

A few things I know in an uncertain time.

My Strange Relationship with Daniel Pearl

Can an embodied spirit be connected in some way to a disembodied one?

Peter Himmelman's Yiddish Song

Peter Himmelman's yiddish speaking grandmother used to sing this song for him. Now he's singing it for her...

Grandma Rose's Song

Award winning musician Peter Himmelman finds the hidden power of his grandma's Yiddish song.

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