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The Maccabeats


בשנה הבאה

הלהקה הידועה בהפקת זום מקצועית וברכה לשנה הבאה שתהיה פחות קורונה. השניה האחרונה הכי מצחיקה!

The Maccabeats: Pan Fry

Their new music video fights antisemitism and hate.

Maccabeats: Jewish Despacito

A Hebrew version of the famous song originally performed by Amram Adar ft. Itzik Shamli.

A Hamilton Hanukkah: The Maccabeats

The story of Hanukkah set to the Broadway smash hit, Hamilton.

Home: A Music Medley

The Maccabeats’ new music video about coming home to Israel.

The Maccabeats: Cups (Dror Yikra)

Enjoy their latest music video, a Shabbat classic set to the tune popularized by a contemporary film.


Ever wonder what would happen if you say what you wanna say and let the words fall out?

Smart Ways to Live

A parody of the viral hit "Dumb Ways to Die"

The Purim Song

Proud to tell the story!


Sing "eh-o" and light the candles!

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