About the Author

Rabbi Mark Spiro

Rabbi Mark Spiro brings more than 20 years of teaching and counseling experience to bear in his role as Executive Director of LivingJudaism. His clear, insightful and caring approach has helped thousands of individuals discover a Judaism that is both profoundly deep and refreshingly relevant to the most important issues and concerns in their lives. Originally from New Rochelle, NY, Rabbi Spiro attended Cornell University School of Architecture and Aish HaTorah’s College of Jewish studies in Jerusalem, where he received his rabbinic ordination in 1989. He has since served in leadership roles in numerous communities around the world, including as Assistant Director of Aish’s advanced study program in Jerusalem, Educational Director of Aish HaTorah in Washington D.C. and South Florida, and Executive Director of Aish HaTorah in San Francisco. Rabbi Spiro and his wife Heather have 4 children. When not working, he enjoys getting outdoors to mow the lawn, hiking, skiing, music, and martial arts. He also teaches and serves as Managing Director of Seattle’s Hebrew High.

It’s All Good

Understanding why we get intoxicated on Purim.

Jerusalem Cowboy

Meet Natie Charles, the Prince of Tales.

The Miracle Called Me

The shofar blast reminds us that our essence is truly free.

Dangerous Assumptions

Most hatred stems from our assumption of guilt regarding people's thoughts and motivation.

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