About the Author

Perry Block

Perry Block is a humorist and human resources professional who lives in Havertown PA, just outside of Philadelphia. In his blog, www.perryblock.com, Perry chronicles the world through the eyes of one Baby Boomer warily poised on the cusp of an age he always thought was exclusively reserved for people’s parents.

Look Who’s a Zadie

If Dustin Hoffman, Richard Dreyfuss and Henry Winkler are now playing Zadies what does that make me?

Moving Day, Oy Vey!

My son leaves for college in about a month and I’m not sure how two klutzes like us are going to handle it.

Purim: You Are Who You Eat

In honor of Purim, I would like to broaden this whole Eating our Enemy custom.

The Year We Built the Sukkah

Some kids nag their dad to get them a dog. Mine nagged me to build them a sukkah.


How to get Jewish followers on Twitter.

The Tribe Hits the Tube

This year’s fall TV lineup has some interesting Jewish characters.

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