About the Author

Rabbi Ozer Alport

Ozer Alport was born and raised in Kansas City, a rare third-generation Midwestern Jew. After graduating from Harvard with a degree in economics, he went on to study in the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem for five years. He now lives in Brooklyn, where he teaches weekly Torah classes and authors Aish.com's Parsha Potpourri column, which were released in book form in 2012. To receive his weekly Torah emails, write to oalport@post.harvard.edu .

The One-Time Sin

Due to a famine in the land of Canaan, Avraham and Sarah decided to travel to Egypt. As they...

The "Righteous" Noach

Noach, the namesake and focus of this week's parsha, seems at first glance quite contradictory. On...

Speech Or Food?

A man who was stricken with cancer was presented by his doctor with a painful and heart-wrenching...

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