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Matan Hazanov

Matan Hazanov is Israeli born and grew up in Toronto. A proud Jew, his first exposure to Jewish learning was in high school and he continued learning on campus with Aish HaTorah. He quickly grew in his Jewish learning and involvement in University through taking on strong advocacy roles in several organizations.

As a result of an inspiring trip to Poland and Israel with Aish Hatorah, Matan along with 2 friends, created an organization called the Jewish Business Network, whose vision is to create Global Leaders by teaching Judaism to aspiring business people and inspiring them to become leaders for the Jewish people and make a positive impact in the world with their success.

Matan is also an aspiring business leader who has worked as a consulted in business development, commercial banking and involved in various other business projects. Matan is currently learning at Aish Hatorah Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

To see more info about the Jewish Business Network, please visit: www.thejbn.ca.

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