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Rabbi Kevin S. Bemel

Rabbi Kevin S. Bemel is a navy chaplain, most recently assigned to Carrier Air Wing 14. Prior to that he and his family spent over three years with the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan where he ministered to American military personnel and their families, American civilians, both government employees and ex-patriots, as well as local nationals. Prior to joining the navy six years ago Rabbi Bemel spent 26 years in commercial real estate and other businesses, including 20 years running his own company. When his current tour concludes, Rabbi Bemel will return to civilian life where he will be training veterans to be entrepreneurs and will be the Executive Director of the Institute for Citizenship in the Republic, an organization that promotes exploration of values and history in an interdenominational, non-partisan atmosphere so as to create greater intentionality on the part of the citizenry as it makes decisions that will affect the future of the United Sates of America.

Torah at Sea

How Judaism informed my work as a deployed Navy Chaplain.

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