About the Author

Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov

Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov is a sought-after cutting-edge speaker on Kabbalah, relationships, parenting, and life. His Amazon bestseller, Jewish By Choice: A Kabbalistic Take on Life & Judaism, has won wide acclaim as one of the clearest, most comprehensive, easily accessible, and practical depictions of Kabbalah and the "whys" of Judaism. His latest book is Parent by Choice. Connect with him on Facebook.

Validate Your Child

The key to build a lifetime of self-esteem.

Seder Table: A Kabbalistic Perspective

A deeper look at matzah, karpas, charoset and more.

Kick-Starting Passover

For the next 30 days, break a negative habit.

Finding the God Spot

Rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem – and within ourselves.

Stephen Covey & the Jewish 7 Habits

How the fundamental principles of his groundbreaking book can be found in Judaic sources.

The Jewish Tattoo

Daniel expected his Star of David tattoo to provoke a physical struggle with others. Instead it provoked a spiritual struggle within himself.

Five Things Judaism Wants You to Know

A quick primer on five essential philosophical points.

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