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Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox

Food lovers around the world have something to celebrate with the launching of the successful new cooking blog, May I Have That Recipe; http://mayihavethatrecipe.com/. Sharing their passion for food and inspired cooking on their amazing new blog, May I Have That Recipe, sisters, Vicky and Ruth, achieve the most delicious, and often exotic flavors from the simplest, natural foods available. The Sephardic sisters return to their roots to harvest their Mediterranean background. Inspired by the foods of their childhood, their cooking is bold and full of flavor. Many of their recipes are infused with items you might not have considered previously: …. lemon (always fresh!), sumac, zaatar, pomegranate molasses, orange blossom and rose water, that will enhance your cooking, allow you to experience new flavors, and get a taste of the Mediterranean without ever leaving your kitchen. And now, thanks to this incredible new blog, May I Have That Recipe, you’ll gain a more expanded cooking repertoire and serve a wider palette of bold flavors bursting with flavor and color.

It is a joy to experience their incredible recipes, inspired and influenced from the countries of their Syrian/Lebanese/Turkish Jewish parents. But the real specialty of this cooking duo is performing recipe makeovers; they start with a recipe that appeals to them, and then change it to make it kosher, vegetarian, or vegan. Then they change it to make it healthier. They continue developing the recipe until it is perfect and then post it for you to use. They will often transform and adapt a recipe utilizing innovative products such as chia seeds, almond milk, coconut oil, almond flour.

As Vicky and Ruth continue to build their subscriber base, you can subscribe to their blog for free and receive e-mail notifications each time a recipe is posted.

May I Have That Recipe; http://mayihavethatrecipe.com/.

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