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Levana Kirschenbaum

Levana Kirschenbaum, owner of Manhattan's celebrated Levana restaurant for 32 years, has become a household name in the kosher culinary world. Renowned for her fearless, practical, and nutritious approach to cooking, Levana is a prolific author and sought-after recipe developer who gives cooking demos across the world, delighting audiences with her trademark spunk and expertise.

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Click here to download Levana's complete Rosh Hashanah menu, excerpted from her most recent release, Whole Foods: Glorious Meals, Pure and Simple.

End of Summer Feast

A light and delicious lunch menu.

Menu for the Nine Days

Meatless, delicious and different!

Dessert Cakes

Awesome summer delights.

Let’s Go Moroccan

Sephardi food at its best.

A Whole Foods Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish way to usher in a sweet year by way of the kitchen.

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