About the Author

Moshe Erlbaum

Moshe Erlbaum was raised in Brooklyn, New York and received his rabbinic ordination from RIETS of Yeshiva University. He began in chinuch at the Yeshiva of Central Queens and has been teaching at the DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys over the past 12 years. He currently lives with his family in Kew Gardens Hills.

Torah Teasers Parshat Vayetzei

1. After Yaakov has a dream he takes a neder, a vow (Genesis 28:20). Where else in the Torah is an...

Torah Teasers Parshat Toldot

Tantalizing questions and challenging riddles from the weekly parsha.

Torah Teasers Parshat Chayei Sarah

1. The Torah records that the lifespan of Sarah was 127 years. Where else in Tanach does the...

Torah Teasers Parshat Vayeira

1. Where is butter mentioned in this parsha? In what context is butter mentioned in the...

Torah Teasers Parshat Lech Lecha

1. What sets of parshas of the Torah share the same root in their name? (10 sets) Example: Lech...

Torah Teasers Parshat Noach

Challenging questions for the Shabbat table.

Torah Teasers Parshat Bereishit

1. Which person in the book of Genesis (Breishit) is actually referred to as...

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