About the Author

Kurt Stein

Mr. Kurt Stein is a popular speaker who has traveled throughout North America speaking for organizations, schools and universities. Additionally, Kurt is an honors graduate of the University of Florida and was fortunate enough to spend 6 years studying at Yeshiva Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. Professionally, He is a Senior Vice President-Investments at Merrill Lynch. He lives in Passaic, NJ with his wife and family. Kurt can be reached at steinkurt@gmail.com

The 75-Year-Old Bottle of Wine from Poland

The remarkable true story of a survivor’s special Passover gift.

Take The Un-Selfie Challenge

No selfies until after Yom Kippur! Spread the word.

Out of the Darkness

Miracles do sometimes happen. Based on a true story. A timely Hanukkah message.

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