About the Author

Eric Brand

Eric Brand has created books, scripts, song lyrics, marketing materials for financial firms, and supermarket shopping lists for over 30 years.

Does Being Religious Help You Get a Job?

In or out of Hollywood, it sure is a good question.

Merry Shpitzvinkel!

How my father’s journey from Santa Claus to a gift-lugging dog in a drainpipe led me to Judaism, sort of.

Don’t Be Nice to Me

Yes, I broke my ankle – now leave me alone.

Why We Love Zombies

The undead remind us of what it means to be human.

When God Sends You a Message…

It would be nice to have caller ID.

Peace on Earth in 30 Min., 45 with Traffic

Rosary beads, a yarmulke, and a lot of overthinking.

Death By Falafel

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Does that count for sandwiches?

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