About the Author

Rabbi Eli Scheller

Originally from New York, Rabbi Eli Scheller has spent a significant amount of time in Israel, training as an outreach professional, lecturing and leading Shabbatons. Rabbi Eli’s keen understanding and appreciation of people, and penchant for music, led him to spearhead an organization of repute to inspire teens at risk. After earning his rabbinical ordination from Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, Rabbi Eli moved to Los Angeles, where he shared the melody of Torah-living with many students, Hollywood admirers and celebrities. His love for people infuses an unforgettable dimension into his encounters, which inspires men and women across the Jewish spectrum.

Currently, Rabbi Eli resides in Baltimore, with his wife, Chavie, and their three kids, where he teaches and inspires Jews through his program, J-BAL, a division of Etz Chaim.

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Keep Climbing

Aaron shall come to the tent of meeting - he shall remove the linen vestments that he had worn...

We Repent

The person being purified shall immerse his clothing, shave off all his hair, and immerse himself...

Giving Is Living

All the days that the affliction is upon him he shall remain contaminated; he is contaminated. He...

Getting High

"Do not drink intoxicating wine, you and your sons with you, when you come to the tent of...

Insert Coin

Command Aaron and his sons, saying: this is the law of the burnt offering... (Lev. 6:2) Aaron...

With a Grain of Salt

For you shall not cause to go up in smoke from any leavening or fruit-honey as a fire-offering to...

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