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Ann Goldberg

Ann Goldberg and her family made aliyah from the UK over 35 years ago, and live in Jerusalem. She is a writing coach and gives essay writing workshops by email and on Zoom. She recently published her memoir 'PATIENT – Taking Tefillah, Emunah and Humor on a Journey to Healing'. For more information, visit her website

When Britain Interned Jewish Refugees

My grandfather was one of the 60,000 Jews whose nightmare continued once he made it to the UK during the Holocaust.

My Mother's Trauma of the Kindertransport

Just before WWII, Britain rescued 10,000 Jewish children from Nazi Germany, Austria and Poland, including my mother and her two sisters.

How Did She Survive?

Eighty years later we discovered how my husband's grandmother survived the Holocaust.

6 Ways Not to Let Isolation Get You Down

Lockdown is no picnic, but there are simple things everyone can do to keep their spirits up.

In Jerusalem, Cancer Is the Ultimate Equalizer

There are no politics in a Jerusalem oncology clinic.

Carry On Luggage

Even at the expense of my own personal well-being, I will not pay the airline’s extra baggage fee. I repeat, not!

Six Days in October

Nineteen years ago Nachshon Wachsman was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

Ernest Simpson’s Son

The story of a scuba diving Brit with Jewish roots and a connection to the British Royal family.

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