About the Author

Dr. Erica Brown

Dr. Erica Brown is the director of the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership at The George Washington University and the author of eleven books.

Stop Giving Grades So Kids Can Learn

Nothing gets in the way of learning more than grades.

In the Narrow Places: An Introduction to The Three Weeks

A brief overview of the three-week period of national mourning that begins this week.

Staying Young: The Story of a Life

My Bubbie was 100 years old when she died. She refused to age.

The Anxiety and Joy of Teshuvah

How to wrestle with the guilt of repentance and the joy of change.

The Urgency of Change

Don't waste a minute, the benefit of changing NOW is too great.

Forgiveness: Harder to Ask, Or Harder to Give?

When we forgive others, we empower ourselves to better change ourselves.

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