About the Author

Rivki Silver

Rivki Silver wants to do all the things. In her creative endeavors, sometimes she feels more like a musician, spending time performing, composing, teaching, and, occasionally, making videos with dancing produce. Sometimes she feels more like a writer, typing pieces which can be found around the internet, and some on her blog, which she named before branding was a thing. Most (all?) of the time she is a wife, mother and community member, living in Cleveland with her husband and four children. Because this is an "about me" blurb, she feels compelled to include that she was a fellow in the 2016 Cleveland Jewish Arts and Culture Lab, and is currently the principal clarinetist in the Cleveland Women's Orchestra.

What I Told My Children about the Pittsburgh Massacre

My response is to continue to raise my children to have proud Jewish identities and bring more light into the world.

How I Gave Up My Search for Self and Started to Really Grow

Obsessing over my personality gave me the excuse to not take responsibility for my flaws.

Mikveh and Miscarriage

I was overcome with a pronounced feeling of unfairness. I wasn’t supposed to be here tonight.

My Appliance, My Spouse

How living in the age of disposables affects our marriage.

Just Do It

Why I observe Judaism even when I don’t feel like it.

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