About the Author

Rivki Silver

Rivki Silver wants to do all the things. In her creative endeavors, sometimes she feels more like a musician, spending time performing, composing, teaching, and, occasionally, making videos with dancing produce. Sometimes she feels more like a writer, typing pieces which can be found around the internet, and some on her blog, which she named before branding was a thing. Most (all?) of the time she is a wife, mother and community member, living in Cleveland with her husband and four children. Because this is an "about me" blurb, she feels compelled to include that she was a fellow in the 2016 Cleveland Jewish Arts and Culture Lab, and is currently the principal clarinetist in the Cleveland Women's Orchestra.

10 Most Important Things I’ve Learned in Parenting

After ten years of parenting I’ve realized I still don’t know what I’m doing and that’s okay.

What I Told My Children about the Pittsburgh Massacre

My response is to continue to raise my children to have proud Jewish identities and bring more light into the world.

How I Gave Up My Search for Self and Started to Really Grow

Obsessing over my personality gave me the excuse to not take responsibility for my flaws.

Mikveh and Miscarriage

I was overcome with a pronounced feeling of unfairness. I wasn’t supposed to be here tonight.

My Appliance, My Spouse

How living in the age of disposables affects our marriage.

Just Do It

Why I observe Judaism even when I don’t feel like it.

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