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Nancy K. S. Hochman

Nancy K. S. Hochman has contributed feature articles and essays to The New York Times , Newsday, Hadassah Magazine, B'nai B'rith Magazine, and Na'Amat Woman, among other national and Jewish publications. Her essay, "An Enduring Light," appears in the book: 1 Small Deed Can Change The World, compiled by Nachman Seltzer. Nancy has also taught and tutored English and creative writing for public schools, Yeshivot and educational centers for close to 30 years. She currently heads her own SAT Tutoring company (www.longisland-satprep.com) for which she also serves as an essay writing coach. She is happily married, and both she and her husband are Ba'al Teshuva.. Nancy considers (Torah) Judaism her most favored, – and continuous – discovery. She can be reached at info@longisland-satprep.com

Loving Michael

After the divorce my son broke my heart. But to my surprise, it didn’t shatter. It broke open.

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