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Rabbi Hillel Goldberg

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg is editor and publisher of the Intermountain Jewish News (IJN) and his column in the IJN is the longest-running weekly column in Jewish journalism. He has won more Rockower Awards for excellence in Jewish journalism than any other person.

His doctoral thesis on Rabbi Salanter, Israel Salanter: Text, Structure, Idea (Ktav) was awarded the Academic Book of the Year by Choice. Two of his other groundbreaking works, The Fire Within (Artscroll/Mesorah) and Between Berlin and Slobodka (Ktav), have just been reprinted. His most recent book is Countdown to Shabbos: Bringing Shabbos into the Week, Bringing the Week into Shabbos (OU Press/Menucha).

Thank God for the Unanswered Prayers

Sometimes it’s the events that seem so wrong that end up saving us.

The Angels in Hell

“On a scale of one to 10, how would you rank your pain?” the nurse asked. “Ten thousand,” I said.

This Yom Kippur, Enter a Radically Different Place

I can conquer my inadequacies if I aim higher.

Inversion: Inspiring Jewish Quotes

A short collection of my favorite Jewish literary inversions.

The Piechotkas and the Wooden Synagogues of Poland

A tribute to the faithful, professional and humble work of the non-Jewish archivist couple.

Is Dayenu Really Enough?

The real meaning of one of the Passover seder's most popular songs.

Yes, Moses Speaks Directly to Me

I am not just connected to my roots. I am living them.

How to Talk to a Neo-Nazi

The anti-Semitic skinhead couldn't believe the kind storeowner was a Jew.

2020: A Year of Benefits and Better Habits

We all know the terrible losses and disruptions of 2020. It is worth enumerating the numerous benefits as well.

Was There a Hanukkah Miracle?

If ever there were evidence of supernatural intervention in human affairs, it would have to be in the realm of the medical.

Dreams Never Dreamed: Shalva's Beacon of Hope

A story of courageous and pioneering parents, and the institution they created that is an overwhelming force of good.

Jewish Leadership During Cholera Epidemic, 1848

Life was at stake. A young Rabbi Yisrael Salanter was moved to take forceful action.

7-4-0-1: Tuvia Ariel's Incredible True Story

Why did these 4 digits keep reappearing in his life?


Tuvia Ariel’s amazing true story about a number from the Holocaust.

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