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Alan Goldman, the primary author of the Laws of Shabbat course, studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel and has a BA in Political Science from Columbia University. He also holds an MSW from Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work and a JD from Case Western Reserve School of Law. Having been a social worker, an attorney, and a Judaic studies teacher, he is now the development director for a small nonprofit organization. Alan lives with his family in suburban Cleveland, Ohio.

34. M&Ms - Part 2: Memachaik, Mesarteit, Mechateich

Smoothing out solids, and cutting things to size.

32. Shochait: Live and Let Live

Actions that cause bleeding or kills a living thing.

31. Tzad: Catch Me if You Can

Confining the movement of a living creature.

30. Tofair: Making a Connection

Tightly attaching two flexible surfaces by means of a third material.

29. Koshair: Knot What You Think

A halachic knot is permanent and tight.

28. The Melachot of Weaving

All about the construction and operation of a loom.

27. Combing, Coloring, Spinning: Fun with Wool

Three melachot that involve cases of cosmetics, food coloring, and spills.

26. Melaben: Halachic White-Out

Cleaning stains from various materials.

25. Gozez: No Need to be Sheepish

Issues of removing hair, skin and nails.

24. Bishul – Part 6: Hot Water, Cold Water and More

Stirring the pot, and a summary of all the cooking law.

23. Bishul - Part 5: Hatmana – Insulating Food

The difference between materials that increase the heat, or retain heat.

21. Bishul - Part 3: Standing the Heat…

Ladles, re-cooking, roasting, and much more.

20. Bishul – Part 2: Three Degrees of Separation

The proximity of the utensil to a heat source determines its status.

19. Bishul - Part 1: The Heat is On

Defining the cooking process – whether direct, or generations removed.

18. Losh: Mixing it Up

Mixing two substances to create a new, thick and consistent product.

17. Tochen - Part 2: Healing on Shabbat

The rules of taking medicines and driving to the hospital.

16. Tochen - Part 1: Back to the Grind

Rules for cutting up your vegetable salad.

15. Meraked: Sifting and Straining

Salt shakers, water filters and more.

13. Borer - Part 3: From Soup to Nuts

Exploring a full range of practical applications.

11. Borer - Part 1: Make Your Choice

Be careful not to separate different types from a mixture.

10. Zoreh: Blowin' in the Wind

Separating two things by use of wind or air power.

8. Dosh - Part 2: The Big Squeeze

The prohibition of squeezing juice from a fruit.

7. Dosh - Part 1: From Threshing Floor to Kitchen

Separating a growing item from its natural shell or peel.

6. Me'amer: Gather 'Round

The prohibition of gathering together things that grow.

5. Kotzer: From the Ground Up

Think twice before climbing a tree on Shabbat.

4. Sowing: So What?

Helping trees, seeds and flowers grow better.

2. Thoughtful Work

Eight key conditions to constitute true "work" on Shabbat.

1. Shabbat: Day of Rest

An introduction to the idea of "creative labor activities."

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