About the Author

Alyssa Rachel Gross

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Alyssa is a thirsty soul looking to help create and sustain spirituality, mindfulness and positivity within community. She invites you to come along.

7 Tips for Rosh Hashanah

Practical steps on how to get closer to your best self the New Year.

When My Best Friend Dumped Me

One day she valued our friendship and the next day she didn't. These four tools empowered me despite the pain.

Let Go of the Wall

Three empowering lessons from learning how to walk.

Infographic: 7 Tips for Rosh Hashanah

How to get closer to your best self this New Year.

My Kosher Kitchen

What possessed me to make my kitchen kosher?

Leaning into Loss

4 strategies for beginning anew.


4 lessons I’ve learned in giving to others.

A Jewish Mantra

How an ancient 12-word Jewish prayer changed my life.

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