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Mauro Chaim Pace

Mauro Chaim Pace was born in Rome, Italy, 43 years ago. He is married to Lauren from California and they lived in Bologna, Italy, with their two dogs for three years. Then they made Aliyah to Ashkelon in the South of Israel, and had their first baby, something that had been in their prayers for a long time. Currently he is studying to become a sofer, while his wife runs a small, successful bed and breakfast. He is an observant Jew and an outspoken Zionist. He is also a fan of all things comedic, and believes in the power of humor.

Giving Birth Under Fire

My wife gave birth to our first child in Ashkelon while terrorist rained down rockets. The hospital may have been hit by shrapnel, but we have emerged stronger.

Swastikas in My City of Bologna

Is Fascism quietly going mainstream again?

Italian Mothers Versus Jewish Mothers

Italian mothers give Jewish mothers a run for their money. I should know – I’m Italian, and Jewish.

Shabbat in Italy vs. Shabbos in the United States

Differences I’ve observed between spending Shabbat in Italy and Shabbos in America.

Being a Zionist in Bologna

I live in Bologna Italy and yes I am a Zionist. My European neighbors are not my biggest fans.

Wanna Come for Shabbos?

In my travels I’ve met many types of Jews who’ve invited me – or not invited me – for Shabbat. Let me introduce you to some of them.

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