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What’s the Theme of Passover? (And Don’t Say Freedom!)

If Passover was really about freedom, then why didn’t God take the Israelites out of Egypt sooner?

Taanit Esther: Why Fast Before The Happiest Day of the Year?

Why do we fast right before the most joyous day of our calendar?

Tu B'Shvat: What Is A Birthday For Trees?

Discover how Tu B’Shvat is actually all about gratitude to our Creator, for the fruits of the trees.

What Do We Really Celebrate on Hanukkah?

Is it the miracle of the oil, winning the war, or something deeper?

The Inspiring Conclusion To The Torah - Part 2

Examining the lessons we take from the entire Torah.

The Inspiring Conclusion To The Torah

How we can come close to God and achieve purpose in our lives.

How To Make Sense Of The Terrible Curses II

To understand God's curses at the end of the Torah, we have to follow a trail all the way back to Genesis.

How To Make Sense Of The Terrible Curses

How do we understand God’s curses?

Is There Spiritual Guidance Within Our Legal System?

What are some of the deeper values behind the Torah's list of laws?

Is This Just A Boring Parsha?

What are these random laws doing in Moshe's inspiring speech?

Why Would Anyone Want to Worship Idols?

What does idolatry have to do with us today?

Building an Intimate Relationship with God

Every piece of the Torah fits together - but this parsha seems so disconnected.

Finding Inspiration From Our Past

Join us as we try to tackle the mystery of Moses' speech.

Israel's Psychological Journey

Who cares about a recap of everywhere Israel has been in the desert?

Intimacy and Holiness

The people finally began to trust in God - but now, idolatry?

What Is Israel's National Mission?

The Torah isn't a history book; why does it tell us the story of Balak and Bilaam?

A Turning Point In Israel's Relationship With God

How can the nation continue to complain after everything God has done for them?

Rejecting Israel's Leaders

How do we make sense of Korach's shocking complaints?

How Can I Trust God When I Don't See Him?

How could the spies have messed up so egregiously?

Can I be Vulnerable with God?

We've finally started traveling in the desert...and the people immediately complain?

Adding Godliness To Our Lives

Why does the Torah bring up a seeming-hodgepodge of miscellaneous laws?

A Spiritual Economy

What are shemittah and yovel about, and what do they mean to us today?

How Can We Achieve Holiness?

What do these random laws teach us about how to achieve holiness?

Holiness In Space and Time

This parsha is divided into mishkan-holiday-mishkan - what could that mean?

How Do Yom Kippur Rituals Save Us From Sins?

How do goats, lotteries, sacrifices, sprinkling blood, incense and clouds grant forgiveness for our sins?

What Do Tumah and Tahara Mean Today? Part II

Finding the meaning embedded in the strange rituals of becoming ritually pure.

What do Tumah and Tahara Mean Today? Part I

How do we define Tumah and Tahara, spiritual impurity and purity?

Why Keep Kosher?

Is there a way to think about kosher in a way that can strengthen our relationship with God?

How Can I Confront Sacrifices?

Is there inherent meaning in sacrifices that would make them still relevant today?

How To Read the Book of Vayikra

How do we relate to holiness, purity and sacrifice in the 21st century?

God Choosing Man, Man Choosing God

God wrote Exodus as an integrated whole. What does He want you to get out of it?

How Can I Take A Step Towards God?

Why would the Israelites build the Mishkan differently than the way God commanded them to?

Will God Always Forgive Me?

How did Moses get God to change His mind after the sin of the Golden calf? What could this mean for d my relationship with God?

The Hidden Secrets In The Walls Of The Mishkan

And what they teach us about our every day lives.

Are Laws Just Oppressive Restrictions?

Exploring how God's laws add layers of complexity to the epic highs and lows of the Revelation story.

Does God Care About ME?

Knowing God is not just a matter of a national relationship, but most importantly a personal one.

Are We An Ungrateful Nation?

How can the Israelites complain so soon after God freed them from slavery? How did they lose faith in God so quickly?

The Flight of the Firstborn Nation

Why give the laws of the firstborn before the triumphant splitting of the sea?

The Exodus and Babe Ruth

What does the Exodus story have to do with Babe Ruth's famous home run?

Every Saga Has A Beginning - Meeting Moses

Everyone loves a good origin story: how did Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader? Who was Moses before God appointed him as leader?

We Are Family – Culmination of Abrahamic Legacy

How did we come so far from the ideal nation that modeled kindness and justice set up by Abraham?

A Speech That Turns The Tide

The videos are from Rabbi David Block and Immanuel Shalev.

Hello From The Other Side

How to reconcile relationships with those we love.

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