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Eli Lebowicz

Eli Lebowicz is a standup comedian and comedy writer. In addition to winning Yeshiva University’s Last Comic Standing contest in 2009, he also co-founded The Quipster, Yeshiva University’s first satire newspaper. He performs at college campuses, comedy clubs, shuls, Pesach programs, and random Jewish events where there's food. His comedy can at times be for a very niche audience, people that are learned enough about Judaism to get his jokes, but laid back enough to laugh at them. So pretty much like 12 people. He can be reached through his website www.EliComedy.com.


Being a Religious Stand-up Comedian

“You're a comedian? Prove it.” that doesn't happen with other jobs. Nobody ever goes, “Oh you're a mohel? Prove it."

Eli Lebowicz: Standup

Eli explains the ins and outs of Orthodox life.

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