About the Author

Jenny Shain BASW

Jenny completed her BA in English and Psychology and then qualified as a Social Worker. She was the  Clinical Director of the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre before making Aliyah in 2013.  She has run parenting groups, trained in Counselling skills and worked with trauma and bereavement.  She more recently trained in Imago Couple Counselling through Imago Africa. She currently runs a  private practice for adults and couples in Ramat Beit Shemesh and on Skype. Her main passion is in  empowering individuals to grow emotionally and spiritually through life’s challenges and in helping  couples to find connection and healing in their relationship. She feels very blessed to be living with her  husband, children and grandchildren in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. She has written articles for  Connections magazine in Beit Shemesh. She may be contacted at ; jenny@ohr.co.za.

Help! My Spouse is So Different than Me

How differences can bring you closer together and not drive you further apart.

Breaking Negative Cycles in Marriage

Don’t let the past rule your response to the present.

Creating a Safe Relationship

How to ensure your marriage is accepting, warm and supportive.

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