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Dr. KH Kim

Dr. Kim is a professor of Innovation & Creativity at the College of William & Mary. She previously taught at Eastern Michigan University and the University of Georgia, after teaching English in Korea for 10 years. She has dedicated her career to the research of creativity and innovators. She aims to help individuals – especially those who feel different, misfit, or are viewed as troublemakers – use the power of creativity to achieve their dreams. She trains groups of individuals around the world, helping foster their creativity to achieve innovation. Her research study titled "The Creativity Crisis" was the subject of a 2010 Newsweek cover story that caused widespread concern. Numerous news outlets have since sought her expertise, including the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, NPR, and others. Her research has been recognized as a major contribution to the fields of education and psychology. Her awards include the Berlyne Award from the American Psychology Association and the Early Scholar Award and the Hollingworth Award, both from National Association for Gifted Children. Visit her site at http://kkim.wmwikis.net/

Are Jews More Creative than Asians?

Why is a Jew 625 times more likely to win a Nobel Prize than an Asian? It has nothing to do with IQ.

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